How to Stop Light From Leaking Through the Sides of Your Blinds

Interior blinds are a stylish and simple way to control the light that comes into your home. But one concern that many people have is light leakage. Sometimes, light leaks through along the sides of window blinds. Naturally, this defeats the purpose of blinds since their main purpose is light control and privacy. But why does it happen, and how can you stop it from happening?

Get the fit right first time

The biggest culprit of light leakage is incorrect measurements. This is usually because people measure the size of their windows without taking the shape of those windows into account. Make sure you also inform your blinds manufacturer of the shape of your windows. Ideally, your manufacturer will visit your home and take the measurements themselves.

Combine your blinds with curtains

Some people combine curtains and blinds for the style or for the insulation properties of this combination. But curtains are useful for maximizing light-blocking properties as well. Simply hanging the curtains at the sides of your blinds will prevent light leakage. But you can close your curtains fully to get the most out of this combination.

Mount your blinds outside the window frame

You have a choice to either mount your blinds inside or outside the window frame. In smaller rooms, an inside mount is better because it saves space. An inside mount is also more aesthetically pleasing because it shows off your window frames. Unfortunately, if you are having trouble with light leakage, then an outside mount is a better option.

With an outside mount, you can ensure that your blinds overlap the edges of your window frame to give you maximum light blockage.

Use light blockers to block the light

Light blockers are another effective way to stop light leakage along the sides of interior blinds. Although light blockers are usually L-shaped, you can use a pair of scissors to cut light blockers to the size that best fits your windows. To stop light leakage, you simply peel the sticky backing from the light blockers and place them as close to your window treatment as you can.

The best way to ensure that you avoid light leakage after you install your interior blinds is to choose the right manufacturer and installer. The right company will ensure that they obtain accurate measurements of your windows before they create a custom set of blinds for your home. Reach out to a professional for indoor blinds assistance.