How Are Outdoor Blinds of Benefit to Homeowners?

Roller blinds have traditionally only been used inside properties as cost-effective but practical window treatments. In the twenty-first century, however, more and more homeowners are opting to install them outside as well. This is because outdoor blinds offer a great deal of flexibility when they are installed, helping to make the exterior of a property blend more seamlessly with the inside. If you want to achieve the indoor feel outside, by your pool or around your patio, then fitting outdoor blinds will make a lot of sense. How do they benefit Australian homeowners?

Sun Protection

To begin with, Australians have to endure some very hot days with extremely powerful rays from the sun beating down. If you want to protect yourself from the sun, then you can, of course, fit shade-making devices such as shade sails or awnings. These don't work in the same way as exterior blinds, however. The main benefit of an exterior roller blind is that it drops vertically, thereby shutting off all the potential sunlight that might fall onto a certain spot. Awning and shade sails can never block all of the sun in this way because it moves across the sky. By dropping an outdoor roller blind down over a sun deck or from a balcony, you can make what is, in effect, a temporary wall to protect you from the worst of the sun.

Add Space

If you have a patio area with a structure overhead, such as a pergola or a balcony, then being able to drop "walls" into place around you with your outdoor blinds effectively means you are creating an extra room in your garden. As such, you are providing your home with additional living space that you can make use of in the summer months, thereby allowing the whole family to spread out that bit more. Of course, exterior blinds add such space to a residence at the fraction of the cost of the main alternative — building an extension.

More Privacy

When you drop a roller blind down around your terrace or balcony, people can no longer see you. That's great if you want a little extra privacy to sunbathe, for example. Unlike awnings, exterior roller blinds block lines of sight from the same height rather than from above. Therefore, they offer an ideal solution if you neighbour's property is at the same height and they can see directly in.

A Convenient Windbreak

Finally, high-quality outdoor blinds are designed to be firmly anchored at the side and the bottom when they are deployed. This means that they won't flap around in the wind unnecessarily. In turn, this means that they'll act as a great windbreak. This is an important consideration if your house stands in an exposed spot or you happen to live close to the sea.