Know When It's Time to Doll-Up Your Windows in Stylish Soft Shades

Do you find your windows naked? This shouldn't happen now that you can get different types of soft shades to dress them up. While some people use valances to do so, others use drapes, designer screen shades and other energy-efficient shades and mini blinds to smarten their windows. Choosing soft window shades will add efficiency, value, appeal and comfort in their home. See why to choose soft shades for your windows.

You Are Obsessed with a Unique Look

Some homeowners go for curtains and blinds since they are easy to maintain, install and clean, and they look attractive and sufficient. However, the statement they make in your home isn't big enough. Soft shades are better if you want your windows to look unique and stylish. Look at the fabric of the soft window shades you choose and find out if it folds up neatly when in an opened position. The fabric should fall evenly against the glass and create a lovely streamlined design once you close the shade. Linen shades with subtle paisley or neutral beige pattern create an traditional look while the vinyl or suede shades provide an enhanced contemporary design.

You Are After a Versatile Design

Most shades cover the entire window or at least half of it if your windows don't have a valance topper where one can hang them. Look for shades you will open or close depending on the amount of natural light and level of privacy you need. Window shades with a versatile design are a great investment in your home. You can pull down soft shades when you want to block out natural light or when you need some privacy. You can also open them when you need some more natural light into your house or when you want to view outdoors from inside. The pull and roll-up designs make soft shades unique, and their fabric creates a more uniformed and neater look.

Nothing Short of Energy Efficiency

Most homes can lose about 30 per cent of heat energy through windows. In the summer, 76 per cent of the sunlight enters as heat into your home through the double-paned windows, and this affects the efficiency of your AC unit. This heat loss/gain pattern wastes more energy, compromises the quality of your family's comfort and increases your heating and cooling costs. However, installing insulated soft shades helps reduce your AC bills and conserves energy.

Thermal or insulated soft shades prevent heat loss and block heat gain in your home in every season of the year. Anyone who wants style, versatility and energy efficiency should go for the soft window shades. Experts in windows treatments will help you choose the right soft shades and install them properly.