The Benefits that Double Glazed Windows Will Accord Your House

Depending on the size of our windows, these structures can take up a considerable amount of wall space. And while bigger windows mean increased natural lighting and enhanced ventilation in your home, you should also note that your windows could be source fo diminished energy efficiency too. If your windows are made from annealed glass, there is a high likelihood of both thermal loss and gain, especially during the more severe months of the year, mainly during the summer and the winter. Fortunately, one of the solutions that are gaining traction in Aussie progressively is double glazed windows. Whether you are contemplating window replacement or constructing a custom home, here are a few of the ways that double glazed windows will benefit your house. 

Reinforced energy efficiency

The main difference between double glazed windows and standard annealed glass is that the double glazing comprises two layers of glass. In between the two panes is a pocket of air, which primarily functions as an insulation barrier. Therefore, when you invest in double glazed windows for your home, you will quickly notice a positive impact on both the heating and cooling of your home. The double glazed windows are designed to minimise the degree of both heat loss and heat gain. As a result, your house becomes exceptionally energy efficient, more so during the scorching summer heat and the frosty winter chill.

Enhanced sound insulation

When people think about the insulation that double glazed windows provide, they tend to focus exclusively on the thermal insulation that these windows accord them. But this is not the only kind of insulation that your house is accorded. The double glazed windows also have an uncanny ability to provide your residence with a degree of sound insulation too.

This feature is highly beneficial to homeowners that live close to a busy street, an airport, a school and any other noisy areas. So if you are looking for some peace and quiet in your home without having to invest in thick window furnishings to muffle the outdoor clamour, then you should consider purchasing double glazed windows for your house.

Decreased condensation and subsequent damp

Even with Australia's primarily temperate climate, condensation will still develop on your windows. When the moisture is excessive, it seeps into the frames of your windows. If the window frames are made from timber or metal, there is an increased chance of these frames degrading. Hence, you have to contend with replacement costs from time to time. Double glazed windows create an insulating barrier comprising trapped air, which limits the occurrence of condensation on your windows.