What you need to know about stained glass

Most people associate stained glass with churches, but some have changed this idea and are installing them in their homes. These type of glasses are decorated with various colours which make them attractive from a distance. The following piece will brief you on everything you need to know when it comes to stained glass installation, including the advantages and disadvantages.

Why install stained glasses?

For some, installing stained glasses may be awkward, but for others this is the ultimate decoration design. The glasses are manufactured using different designs where a wide range of colours are used. For example, the glasses could be painted and tinted with up to five different colours. With the unique designs and shapes, they stand out and give the house much needed elegance.

The other advantage is that they are tinted to provide privacy in your home. This ensures that no one is able to see what is on the side. Therefore, if you value your privacy, then this is the right option for you.

Types of stained glasses

There are many types available in the industry, the most common ones being;

  • Craquel.
  • Cathedral.
  • Architectural and semi-antique, among others.

Installation process

Installing stained glass is a process that requires a professional. The following procedure should be followed;

  • Buy the stained glass from a recognised seller. It is best to seek the advice of a professional to make sure you buy the right kind of quality. Costs vary depending on the quality and length of the glass.
  • Hire a trained technician to install the stained glass for you. It is important you make sure they have the experience required for the installation. There will be charges for the job to be done successfully. Hire a technician who will provide quality work at a favourable cost.


The main disadvantage of installing these types of glasses is that they are very expensive. This is because their designs are unique. The glass material used is also very expensive. In some cases, you will find there are even gold coatings. For someone who doesn't have the funds to buy the glass, then installing them would be difficult.

Also, the community has not fully appreciated the idea of installing these glasses in homes. They are so accustomed to seeing them installed in churches. Seeing them at a home may look awkward.


The decision on whether to install or not to install is always up to the owner. With the above information, it is quite easy to choose the way to go.