Windows | 4 Steps To Refill Chips On Your Wood Window Frames

Windows represent aesthetical prowess in any home, but ever so often your timber window frames can get cracked and chipped. This will cause your previously attractive windows to look timeworn and damaged –– especially if your children run around the home banging into them. This guide is designed to help you follow steps to refill small chips on the wood frames of your windows.

Gather Your Materials

For this task, you will need to purchase timber filler. Timber filler is a paste-like solution available at most local home improvement stores. These timber fillers usually dry fast and offer a superior bond with the wooden frames of your windows. When purchasing timber filler, keep in mind that you should look for a color similar to your existing wood frame for a cohesive appearance. Keep a putty knife, medium-grit sandpaper and wood stain handy before moving to the next step. You can get these items from the home improvement store too.

Sand Around The Chipped Part Of The Wood Frame

Begin this task by sanding around the chip in the wood frame. This will even out the chipped area, making it easier once you fill it. Once you finish the process of sanding, wipe down the wooden frame with a damp, lint-free cloth to remove any particles from the surface. Never use coarse sandpaper for this task because it may gouge through the surface and damage it more.

Place Timber Filler Inside The Chip

The best part of timber fillers available today is their ease of application. They are mostly available in tubes, so you simply need to press the paste out of the tube and apply it to the chip using a putty knife. The timber filler should completely conceal the chip, so keep using the putty knife to smooth it out against the wood frame.

Give The Filler Sufficient Time To Dry On Your Windows

Timber fillers need at least a couple of hours to dry but follow the instructions laid out by the manufacturer for the optimum drying process. To expedite the process of drying, make sure you choose a warm and dry day so that you can keep your windows open for proper ventilation. Once the filler dries, use the sandpaper once again to ensure a smooth finish. You can then use wood stain to elevate the overall appearance of the wood frame on your windows. Make sure the wood stain dries before operating your windows once again.

Follow these smart steps to refill chips on the wood frames of your windows.