Tips for Repairing a Skylight Leak

A skylight can be a great feature to add to any property and has the ability to instantly increase the value of any home. It allows for increased natural light, which is something that many potential home buyers are looking for. However, the downside to having a skylight installed is that, due to rainwater flow on a typical roof, it is possible for water to collect on a skylight and then penetrate the most vulnerable point, resulting in a noticeable leak. Once you realize that water is coming through your skylight, there are helpful tips that you can follow to repair the leak effectively.


Before you look to repair a leak, you need to make sure that it is in fact a leak and not just condensation buildup on your skylight. It is possible for condensation to sometimes be mistaken as a leak. If you have a skylight installed in a room within your home that is prone to higher levels of humidity, it is possible for condensation to drip from the skylight. The warm air within the space hitting the colder surface of the skylight can result in the formation of condensation that drips. You can solve this problem by improving the ventilation in the room to reduce the amount of condensation that is created.


If you do determine that you have a leak and the issue is not just the formation of condensation, you can repair the leak by focusing on the seal. Most leak issues involving skylights are caused by the seal wearing. The seal is between the flashing and the roof, which means that you need to reseal the area where the leak is present. This can be done by lifting the shingles that are affected and using roofing cement to seal the shingles tighter. Make sure that after you have used the roof cement on the underside of the shingle that you hold it in place to make sure that it is secure. If you notice that there are any holes or seams that are open near the skylight, you can reseal them using roofing cement.


The point where the glass on the skylight and the frame meet can also be an area that is prone to leaks. You can fix a leak of this type by using clear silicone caulking. Make sure you apply a liberal amount of the caulking to stop any leaks.