What To Look For When Choosing Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are a popular and stylish modification that is perfect for joining your indoor and outdoor space via an easy to operate, light-admitting system. But what qualities should you look for when choosing bifold doors for your home? Read on to find out.


Bifold doors are designed to move along rails and are also hinged. Therefore, they must be made from a material that won't warp or swell during wet weather, which would make operation difficult. For these reasons, always choose bifold design doors that are made from metal. 

Hinges and handles

In order for the doors to remain robust and to operate smoothly, they should be supported with strong hinges made of stainless steel. Sturdy fixings mean that wear and tear on the doors operation system will be much reduced and they will last much longer.

The intermediate handles of the doors should have handles fitted to them. This will make opening and closing the doors much easier and reduces strain of the hinges.


The security of your home is obviously very important. Look out for bifold doors that have deadlocks requiring just one key, which can be opened from both outside or inside. The intermediate panels should also be designed with a locking system that prevents the panels from being prised off their tracks and removed.

Tracks and runners

The tracks along which the doors run should be fitted neatly and should lay flush with the doors so as not to create a tripping hazard. The design should incorporate insulation to keep heat in, to prevent draughts, and to ensure that the doors are watertight. 

Look for sturdy, stainless steel runners, which have a magnet mechanism to hold the doors in place once open.

Air vents

Good quality bifold doors feature air vents that allow you to ventilate your room on hot days. You should also be able to close the vents to keep out strong winds and rain.


Although you may pay more for it, you should always choose bifold doors with high-quality double glazed panes. It's false economy to go for a cheaper grade of glass that will just let heat out. Furthermore, if the cheap glazing fails and condensation forms between the panes, you'll be faced with an expensive bill for replacement or repair.

It's important that the panes are made from toughened glass, especially if you have children; toughened glass will not shatter if someone walks or runs into it, making it much safer.

In conclusion

Bifold doors make a sleek and practical addition to any home. Use the guide above to make sure that you choose a high-quality product that will give you many years of smooth operation and enjoyment.